Thursday, June 05, 2014

Summer Vacation When Me Time Becomes Our Time

I'm stuck! 

I'm stuck because I'm off my balance creatively, actively and prayerfully.  I'm off my routine... any routine.  And I'm scared.   I'm scared because summer vacation starts in a few hours following today's half day of school and I am not prepared to handle another schedule when my schedule is so off.  

Usually my day is structured as Me Time in the mornings and Your Time in the afternoons.  Me Time isn't about eating bonbons.   It's more like uninterrupted time to do laundry, dishes, errands, TV, volunteer work, and facebook.  Your Time is dinner prep, asking about their day, and staring our son down while he resists his homework, which alone can take 3 hours for a one hour work load.  So I am a little scared that I will be losing my Me Time especially since soon it will all be changing to Our Time...

I am not sure what Our Time is going to look like now that our son is older.  He is more capable of responsibilities around the house and interested in his independence.  This would be a good time to teach him a few chores/skills and see what he does with them.  But it is still Our Time because I have to keep an eye on him at all times or we will end up with another curiosity moment when we find out if the screw he found can put a hole in the wall and if so, how big can the hole get before it's an eyesore.  Or the "Sure this is how she said it should be done but did she ever consider doing it this way?" philosophy he has when folding towels becomes a science experiment involving a remote control car and  make-shift pulley system. 

I imagine this is going to be a summer of learning for all of us. 

I also think this will have to be done in a more structured way than ever before... incorporating a specific time for meals, not just when we are hungry.  A morning routine with goals and parameters and not just when we get to it... and an afternoon routine of fun and rest because this summer we will schedule rewards and work around the hottest times of the day...   This will mean a specific time for chores, work and play...  This summer our list includes bowling*, sewing, swimming, cooking, gardening, traveling, sketching, libraries, camping... A few day trips to the beach, zoo and monastery too... I have great expectations.

I also hope we can prepare crockpot recipes, garden, and even chant a few weekday services.

I am not sure how my blog is going to transition during this time.  I have several recipes I've photographed but haven't' posted yet.  I have a few lessons on the church calendar and reflections from the last retreat I led in FL.  I also think I want to try a few video blogs for the Sounding.  I know I must sell more of my cards for V's Cardbox.    if I hope to expand my card line.  I've had several requests for blank cards. 

So here we are.  The time has come.   Ready?  Set.  Go!  Let the Summer Vacation begin!

*In case you were wondering, I found a way to bowl 2 games for free through a program called  KIDS BOWL FREE.

Feel free to leave a comment on how your schedule changes during the summer.