Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Passive Aggression is Aggression

I am so confused!

We had a weed and a daisy growing in a crack in the cement in front of our home. We were amazed at the tenacity of the plants to grow in such a difficult place. I was going to blog about it...

The plants represented endurance, temptations vs virtues, things we value, things that are invasive... Beauty and the Beast depending on what you nurture. And, believe it or not, if you don't weed regularly, meaning, if you aren't careful of protecting your soul, anything will grow.

Just days from blooming (I was hoping to take a picture of it for the post,) someone came and pulled both the weed and the daisy, and left them there on the concrete to whither away.

These plants were in front of our property. They were our business to tend to.

I am disappointed in my neighbor's lack of respect for my property.  

So it looks like my new post will be about personal space, jumping to conclusions and it might even lead to the evils of passive aggression and lost opportunities.

I'll let you choose. Which would you rather read about?