Lenten Recipes

These are a collection of Lenten Recipes, mostly vegan.  During Great Lent (6 weeks plus Holy Week,) the Panagia's Fast (the first fourteen days of August,) The Apostle's Fast (the end of June.) and a few other days in the year,  Orthodox Christians fast (refrain) from meat, eggs, dairy, fish and sometimes oil.  Most of my recipes are to help the average person offer a balanced Lenten menu to avoid a month and a half of pasta and French fries. 

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. 

Pantry Essentials II

Lentil Soup

Greek Lemon Potatoes

Baked Giant Lima Beans

Spinach and Rice and Fasting

Celebrating Palm Sunday with Fish Plaki

Banana Bread Makes Fasting Easier

Pierogies-Possibly Polish for Potatoes and Pasta.

Shrimp and Potato Soup

Fifteen Bean Soup 

Small Shells in Clam Sauce

Shrimp and Rice is Oh So Nice

Spana What? Spanakopita! A Hearty Lenten Dish.

Tuna Like Lamb, Yes, I Said "Tuna Like Lamb."

Chocolate Cake

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