Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'll go back to Tara! What?! Taramosalata! After all, Tomorrow Needs Another Meal.

It’s funny.  I feel like I have to be reticent (even though I am posting on a public blog) as if I were doing something wrong.  I feel like I am breaking the cook’s code of secrecy by freely sharing family recipes.  Why does this feel so wrong?  Why do people hoard their recipes? 

As many of you already know from my FACEBOOK posts, we held an open house last week.  In these parts they call it a “drop in.”  One of the dishes I prepared was a TARAMOSALATA.  What is it?  It’s a whipped caviar spread, best described as a salty, lemony mayonnaise.  The base ingredient is Tarama, carp roe (fish egg) caviar.  Most people use a recipe with a boiled potato or a few slices of bread, minus the crust.  I find the use of potatoes and or bread makes the spread too thick.  I use a recipe that avoids these thickeners. 

·         In a blender, mix 2T tarama and 1T warm water to break up the fish eggs. 

·         Mix in I chopped onion. You might even increase the speed here to puree the onions. 

·         Add 4T lemon juice.

·         Add 1T vinegar. (I used apple cider)

·         Add ¼t sugar.

·         Most recipes call for ½ t garlic, but I don’t add garlic.  The raw onion is strong enough for me.

·         Now, this is where it can get messy.   Add 2 ½ to 3 cups canola oil.    SLOWLY pour the oil through the hole in the top as the blender is running.  If you pour the oil too fast, the spread will clog, only mix from the bottom, and not pull down the spread to incorporate the ingredients.  If it does clog you can always add a teaspoon of water, turn off blender and mix ingredients and then turn blender on again.  BE SURE TO HAVE BLENDER COVER ON when the blades are spinning!  J

Although I made the spread for the party, it is a great Lenten staple since it can be eaten on fasting days.  Taramosalata is great over fresh Italian or French bread.  It’s even better on wheat in a TLC (Taramosalata, Lettuce and Cucumber) sandwich. 
It’s even REALLY good as a salad dressing.  I recently plopped a tablespoon over a serving of shredded romaine lettuce, scooped it onto warmed pita bread and added thinly sliced red onion.  It’s like a Greek Caesar Salad… I'll call it the Alexander (the Great) Salad.  J

Oh, oh!  I think I hear the Recipe Police knocking at my door!  Try it of you like.  Let me know how it works. 

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Vicki Toppses said...

Sounds good Pres. Vassi! When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to look forward during Lent is having Taramasalata. Too bad ya can't find any Tarama in Maine stores... Enjoy it for me!