Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ah, Facebook!

"Ah, Facebook!" the nun exhaled. "We live in a time where we don't hear our friend's voice but we know what they ate for dinner."

I've been thinking of how ironic it is that I write a blog about cooking. Among my friends and family, there are far better cooks out there. I'm the one who thought my husband was wonderful because he baked a chicken for dinner when we were first married. I'm also the one who called home for cooking instructions, "Mom, how do I make spaghetti meat sauce?" more than I called to see how everyone was.

I am also one of those people who posts pictures of my meals on Facebook. Why would I do such an odd thing? I don't have the healthiest relationship with food, (but I am working on it.) Some days my posts reveal too many of my bad eating habits, as in my love for creamy, cheesy foods.   Mostly, I am surprised and a little proud that what I served my family turned out pretty good.

My dad was a great cook. My mom is a great cook. We never ate frozen meals, TV dinners or spaghetti sauce from a jar growing up. It was more along the lines of baked chicken, chicken avgolemono or meatball soup and pot roasts. It was usually Greek cooking or Asian- my dad loved Chinese food.

Even during fasting periods, when we wouldn't eat meat or dairy, we still ate well. Fasting periods weren't times of suffering and torture because my parents had a great collection of meat free recipes.

As the fasting season approaches, I am looking forward to sharing meals and ideas for a healthy and creative fasting menu. If you have a favorite recipe let me know.

"Ah, Facebook."

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