Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Wow!  It feels like forever since I blogged anything.  Have you missed me?  I sure have missed you!  I have been  so distracted with a retreat I am planning and a new part time gig, that I haven't had time to share any recipes or any other deep thoughts. 

But I can say in all certainty that you have been on my mind. 

I have at least three recipes waiting to be posted, including the vegan moussaka and a feta cream cheese.  I have two crafts I want to share: one a laminated icon and the other a calendar to explain the moveable feasts. I want to tell you about my new job too.  It's been a blessing. 

So for now I'll just say, it's nice to be on a regular fasting schedule.  It's nice to see so many "Thankful for" lists on FB.  And it's nice to know you are here too.

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