Monday, December 22, 2014

In Defense of Santa

I’ve always liked Christmas, and I’ve always loved Santa.  He was the one I could count on for years to hear my prayers.  It sounds terrible to write that now at my age, but when I was a four, he was the closest thing to Jesus that I could possibly grasp.  Yes, there, I said it.  A man far, far away knows if we’ve been bad or good, and in his mercy, is willing to give me a gift all the same.  Yup, for the longest time, Santa was my Jesus.  ... Read the full post on the Sounding...


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Sia Aristidou said...

Great post Presvitera.

A while ago, I decided not to "pretend" there was a Santa when I eventually have children. I thought that it was wrong for parents to lie to their kids and that it created a massive dissapointment once you discovered that it was all make - believe. The whole idea of Santa felt materialistic and can be distracting to the true meaning of Christmas.

But then one day, I realised that believing in Santa was similar to believing in God. It was a way for children to learn about the ideas of 'being good' 'having faith' and ''beliving'. These are important lessons and I think that Santa does a great job to teach these lessons to children.

So, I have now changed my mind. I can't wait to wrap up presents and put them under the tree for my children (one day in the future).

Much love,

Sia x