Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lady Lent Is Back!

Yes!  It's that time again!  Time to rededicate our lives to Christ and commit ourselves to the spiritual struggles and cares that will prepare us for the Kingdom of Heaven.  It's time for Great and Holy Lent to begin. 
Here is a picture of Lady Lent, Kyria Sarakosti.  She has a foot for every week of lent.  A countdown calendar from long ago.  Print this image or draw your own and cross or cut off her feet as the weeks pass.   I personally don't care for the image of chopping off her feet, poor thing.  :) 

We pray you have a successful Lenten Journey this year.  May our Lord give you the strength you need to endure and complete the fast triumphant.

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Liz said...

Welcome, dear Kyria Sarakosti!

I, too, shy away from cutting off your feet, but I have an idea that may appeal to you. Perhaps Presvytera Vassi will draw a picture of you, with all your feet of course, but not color in your feet. Then children and adults can color in each foot-week as we journey through Lent.

One could even think of this approach as "putting feet on Lent," ie. getting out and about to services, to do almsgiving or charitable works, and preparing for the joyous days of Pascha and Bright Week - perhaps with some dancing!

Welcome again, Kyria Sarakosti.
Love, Liz

Vassi said...

That's a great idea! Will do!