Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ministry Super Powers

I've been watching too many Super Hero movies this summer.  Avengers, Ant-Man, and Big Hero 6 have got me thinking about a time when I felt like I had a super power.   This is what inspired my recent blog post on OCN's Sounding.

Photo by Harald Hagen

Orthodox Summer Camp was a changing factor in my life story. This is where I should add a legal disclaimer that not all camp experiences are the same and that results vary. It’s just that for me, I realized that I had a calling to serve the church in youth ministry while being at summer camp. It was as if my energy and creativity collided like superpowers and I found that I had something to offer the Church. Although my energy has subsided and I have retired from such heroic deeds, there are superheroes out there, who are running, sweating, and teaching children about Orthodoxy in an outdoor environment.

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