Sunday, April 03, 2016

Third Sunday of Lent

Here we are!   Third week down and we are half way there.   How is it going?


Ravyn Anastasia Guiliani said...

This ia a good Lent. I am learning a lot. My husband and I are converts of one year, and last Sunday our Church had no power because of winds blowing over a tree, so we had a lovely candlelight Divine Liturgy and he read the entire Orthros for the first time! The entire day was blessed for us! Our first Lent last year was fraught with serious hardships and even danger, this one no less but less obvious. And this one we are Orthodox. :)

Vassi Haros said...

Thank you for sharing. I wonder if you fasting experience has prepared you for this year's challenges. :). May you have strength to endure and face what is ahead.