Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today's JAR- Just a Reminder. Jesus Came to Heal the Sick.

Yesterday I saw a post shared on facebook from Humans of New York.  The page shares candid pictures of New Yorkers and then shares a mini interview of a few questions.  The post I saw was of a man sitting on a bench, maybe a subway or outside a building.  He was reading a nook or mini pad and seemed very comfortable with where he was. 
the Q&A
"Who do you love most in this world?"
"When did you find it most difficult to love God?"
"Why during childhood?"
"Because I always wondered why things happened to me."
"How long did you wonder why?"
"Until I found God, then I knew why."
"Because people aren't bad, they're sick. And sick people do bad things."
The Blogger continued to add in the comments.... "There was about thirty seconds of silence after each question." 
Today's JAR- Jesus came to heal the sick.

We all want to be loved. We talk about how much God loves us and how love is the key to Christianity.
Love is the antidote. 
It is the medication the heals us. 
Love is the cure.

If God is the Doctor, the Physician of our souls and bodies as we pray during the Liturgy,
 He holds the prescription pad...

Be the pharmacist today and give love. Heal those around you with love.  

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