Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Reflection of Pascha

Each year it takes me longer to recover when I go off my schedule.  Trips, retreats. festivals, Pascha/Easter... they wear me out.  I spend too much energy reflecting on what happened than I do just moving on.  Did I prepare well enough?  Did I forget anything?  What could I have improved upon?  What would I do differently next year?  What did she mean when she said...?

This year's reflections include...  (in no specific order.)

  1. I was smart not to cook too much for Pascha dinner.  I served leg of lamb, spanakopita, oven potatoes and a salad.  For dessert we had a pound cake and baklava.  It was delicious and not overbearing.  I think next year I'll serve Greek style green beans in tomato sauce instead of the spanakopita.   (In case you were wondering, I had considered adding pastichio, Greek green beans, croissants with honey butter, tzantziki, and dolmathes.) 
  2. I should have practiced the hymns more.  I made a ton of mistakes because I waited too long to review the music. 
  3. My sister had a great idea of a Pascha Fleece for her daughter next year.  Knowing her daughter wasn't going to make it through the evening's services, she brought along a fleece blanket... with a Christmas décor!  An Easter quilt or pastel fleece is on her list of crafts before next year.  I imagine it will have an appliqued red egg in a corner.  (With the cold front that came through the North, I imagine this could be very popular up there.)
  4. I bought too much candy.  Our bodies had adjusted so well to the vegan diet, the sugar and chocolate really made my recovery harder than necessary.
  5. I need Lent.  I need the time to break away and see where and how I have gone off track, lazy in my spiritual life.  I had forgotten that I actually love church services and prayer.  I actually love our faith... I don't mean to do it because I have to.   I actually WANT to.  It's just a shame that I forget these things.  Thank God we have Lent twice a year (before Pascha and before Christmas) to keep me on track. 
  6. I am so tired of cutting onions.  :)  Having saved a large amount of onion skins for the natural egg dye, I have had my fill of onions. 
  7. Rice and potatoes are way better than pasta. 
  8. Coconut oil is a good substitute for cream in coffee. 
  9. I have officially eaten enough meat to make up for any deficiency caused by fasting.  :)
Have a blessed night dear readers.  I pray your Lenten experience was enlightening and fulfilling.  If not, there's always next year or advent, the Christmas fast.

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