Saturday, June 20, 2015

Deja Vu... How We Witness We were on our way to visit a neighboring parish and admire their newly completed iconography project when I saw firsthand what the hubbub in the local paper was all about. Recently​,​ our small town in South Carolina has experienced a series of vandalism ​attacks in which someone spray​-painted “Jesus is Lord” and “Jesus, Son of God” across regularly traveled roadways. It has sparked attention in the paper and on social media concerning what ​is good or bad about religious graffiti, and it touched slightly on the understanding of sacredness as one man contemplated his hesitance to wash out Jesus’ name.
As we drove over the graffiti​,​ I flashed back some twenty years ago​ to​ when I was a design major and living in Manhattan...   (Go to for the full article.)
Visiting Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Columbia, SC

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