Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's the Second Day of Christmas, Here's an Idea...

Today's JAR (just a reminder). the Christmas celebration has only just begun!!! Let the merriment commence! We celebrate Christ's birth for the next 12 days, till the Eve of Theophany, making this the Second Day of Christmas. are you planning anything special or is your tree already on the curb?

One year we were financially challenged since my husband was in grad school and our son was a baby.  We had saved our loose change all year long and after cashing it in for bills, we split it down the middle and each had $48 to buy 12 gifts for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  We even saved our receipts to stay honest.  That was a fun Christmas!

He got me things like perfume samples, my favorite Bic pens, a gently used book on eBay.  I made him hankies from scrap fabric, found book ends in his mom's basement she no longer needed and a bar of his favorite chocolate.  We also took advantage of the After Christmas Sales in the malls. 

The trick to making this kind of activity work is to save the big stuff for last.  You want to leave Christmas with a Bang!

I hope you can find a new tradition to keep the Twelve Days fresh this year..  Just something sweet to do for one another to honor Christ's birth and incarnation.  Even if it's a few trips to the dollar store. 

We are in a season of celebration... don't go back to normal just yet. 

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