Friday, December 06, 2013

In Honor of St. Nicholas

Last year I saw a flicker slide show of a man who drew on his kid's lunch bags every morning.  It was really cool.... 

So, naturally I thought I'd do it too...

Here are a few samples...
Realized the irony and switched to wax paper for the lunches.

After watching OKLAHOMA over the week-end.

All boys love trains.

The bus was bringing him home early that day.
Rita's ice was being delivered to school. 

Today I drew this...
St. Nicholas leaving gold coins by the slippers. 

So in honor of St. Nicholas...
Blessed, Holy Nicholas, lean your ear this way.
We have not forgotten that today is your feast day.
You, who gave away your wealth to the needy poor,
Thank you, Holy Nicholas, pray for us once more.

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