Thursday, January 09, 2014

I Need a Few More Days Before I Put Christmas in a Box

I'm not ready!   It's past the Twelve Days of Christmas and my Christmas decorations are still up.   The world has already cleared away any sign of Christmas and Valentines are filling the store shelves.  But here in the privacy of my home, we are still in holiday mode.
I had every intention of taking everything down following Epiphany.  I even had my husband bring the boxes from the attic so I could get started.  They sit ignored in a corner of the house.  I'm just not ready yet.    

I need a few more days.  We had a late start this year waiting for school vacation to began till we decorated.  But now, I regret that decision.  I'm just not ready to let Christmas go.  The cheerful songs, the tasty treats, the party planning were so enjoyable.  We had a lovely vacation with company and friends.  It all ended too quickly. 

Just a few more days...   I have no intention of converting our imitation pine into a Valentine's Day tree.  And an Easter Egg tree is not even a possibility, although I've seen it done. 

It isn't the work I dread.  I am not even tempted to cover it with a sheet and leave it in a corner.  I just want it to be Christmas a little longer.  As I think about it I realize I'm not ready to put the ornaments away.  Ours is an eclectic décor with ornaments marking our travels and life events:  First House, Wedding Anniversary, Baby's First Christmas.  So many lovely memories.  How do you put all that back into a box and store it in the attic? 

I just need a few more days.  

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