Friday, January 03, 2014

Reusing Christmas Cards for Paper Ornaments

Before you clear out all your Christmas decorations, here is a sweet craft for your tree. 
With your Christmas cards, a few colored card stock sheets of paper, glue, scissors, a circle to trace or a 2' hole punch and string, you can make ornaments for next year.

You need 6 same-sized circles.  If the back of the card isn't colored, use colored card stock that matches.  Try to use at least three interesting images from the card.  I used the three Wise Men from the front and back of the card,  and I used the city in the distance. 

I try to find three light and three dark circles or three print and three solid.  This makes the ornaments more interesting. 

Fold the circles in half, being sure to center the crease on the image. 

Glue the sides together, leaving the last two sides free, as an opening for the string.

Using string, ribbon, or cord, cut a 15 inch piece, fold it in half, tie a knot leaving a 3 inch loop, and another knot at the bottom of the ornament to leave a tassel. 

Glue the final tabs together, securing the string in the ornament.

This time, I didn't have a 2 inch hole punch, so I tried tracing and cutting out the circles.  I didn't do so good.  So when the tabs were all glued together I went back and trimmed it, pairing a tab at a time until they all matched.

Other examples:

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