Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lenten Update and Menu Plan

Lady Lent one week down...

One and a half weeks down and five and a half more to go... and I feel like an amateur vegan.  Partially because no one is paying me to cook.   hehehe.  But mostly because  I see so many cool recipes online and it makes me think of all the cool things I am not cooking for my family.  Home made veggie burgers, zucchini and gnocchi, coconut milk cheese... all seem "above my pay scale."  Not impossible... It is not my normal Greek cuisine... and seems like a job that requires more counter space. 
With the vegan diet shift, I have left my blender (for smoothies,) mixer (for breads,) crock pot (for bean soups,) and food processor (for hummus and taramosalata,) out on the counter.  These are appliances I usually keep in the cabinets but find myself using more often than before so I haven't put them all away.  Unfortunately, they are really cramping my style.  I will have to rethink the counter situation. 
I did make a successful Lenten mashed potato with the roasted garlic, sea salt and soy milk.  I favor soy milk with cooking, coconut milk with smoothies and almond milk with pancakes.   I don't get any of them sweetened or flavored, and I try to buy them one at a time. 

My menu plan for the rest of the week?  (Is it Wednesday already?!)

Wednesday:  mashed potatoes and fake meat Skyline Chili chili

Thursday: fried zucchini, mushroom orzo/rice pilaf, sautéed spinach, and a cucumber salad

Friday: baked tofu, grilled veggies and steamed (or left over) rice

Saturday: veggie pizza with left overs including grilled sweet potatoes.  The sweet potatoes add a creaminess that makes up for the lack of cheese. 

Sunday: Maybe out for Mexican after church...

I hope you are taking advantage of all the aspects of Lent, and not just on a restrictive diet. This season of reflection and prayer is a great gift. 

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Liz said...

I agree! Cooking vegetarian definitely feels like it requires more counter space! You're idea of using sweet potatoes on veggie pizza sounds wonderful. I'll bet it does add creaminess to the pizza.

Nut "cheeses" are great on veggie pizza, too. I haven't tried this one but it sounds tasty. Here's the link:
Love you, Liz