Monday, March 03, 2014

On Your Mark! Get Ready! Go! Fast... Slowly.

It's that time again and facebook is buzzing with Clean Monday traditions of seven legged Lenten Ladies, kites and lagana- Lenten bread.  These are wonderful traditions that celebrate the start of a new season of preparation.  I haven't written about those traditions... maybe next year...

For the next seven weeks I hope to offer recipes and encouragement to help you, and me, in maintaining a proper fasting experience.  The balance of prayer, fasting, and alms giving can be tricky.  The hardest part is not letting the diet consume us (like that play on words?)  or the services exhaust us.  Above all, this season should serve as a joyful offering of ourselves and not a forced sacrifice or punishment.  Be a cheerful giver.  If your offering isn't a gift that is freely given, it isn't really a gift at all, and in my opinion, you can keep it.  But if you are sincere about making an offering, one of love... then join us on this journey.  You won't regret it.

I love the play on words... while we are called to fast from certain foods, we are also called to slow down and redirect our attention to prayer, worship services and service to others... all which require us to slow down.  Slow down and pay attention to the words in the prayers.  Slow down and cancel things in your schedule so you can attend services.  Slow down and look the person you are helping in the eyes so you can make a personal connection to what you are doing. 

This is a yearly opportunity the Church offers us to step out of the world for a bit and enter into paradise.. for just a glimpse of it... one service, one meal, one relationship at a time.

I hope you are experiencing a good start to this holy time in the calendar.  Are you joining us in this journey?  We've lined up at the starting line and it's time to see what's waiting for us. 

On Your Mark! Get Ready! Go!

Fast... Slowly.


Liz said...

Do we have to wait until next year to hear about the 7-legged ladies? That one is definitely new to me. Come on, please share the story.

Also, thank you for the lovely invitation to join the fellowship of the faithful in the life of Lent.

Love you, Liz

Vassi said...

I'll see what I can do. :) It's such a simple things... a flour and water doll that hardens when you bake it, like a Christmas ornament... And each Saturday you break off a foot... Counting down the weeks till the Resurrection. Here eyes are closed to the world and she doesn't have a mouth as she guards what goes in (fasting) and what comes out (words.) I have a desire to make a felt doll with feet that stay on with Velcro or buttons... because I tend to over work a simple idea.. and because I hate the idea of cutting off her feet and then tossing her away. ... I might just make a pattern available and you can make your own doll. Still thinking.