Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today's JAR- Just a Reminder. On the Third Sunday of Lent We Remember the Holy Cross

We remember the Holy Cross twice a year: on the Third Sunday of Lent, and on September 14th. 

The third Sunday is about half way through our 7 week Lenten journey, when we are starting to get hungry, tired and easily irritated.  The fast is wearing on us and we are finding the evening fast food commercials appetizing maybe even mouth watering.  We might even find that after three weeks of clean living, our thoughts wander more than we ever realized and we are not in as much control as we once imagined.

But the Church places the adoration of the Holy Cross before us to remind us of God's love, power, and willingness to endure all things for our salvation.  It is placed as a beacon before us to encourage and strengthen us on this spiritual journey with the awareness that this isn't going to be easy, but worth every effort we put into it. 

Let us carry our crosses quietly, bravely and courageously... with the understanding that God is always with us, the cross we carry strengthens us and we are half way to our destination. 

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