Monday, September 30, 2013

Crock Pot Sunday! Italian Beef.

 Tonight's Crock Pot Sunday is a delicious Italian Beef sandwich. 

The original recipe called for a 3-4lb. lean rump roast but a 2.5lb. roast cost me $11, so stopped there and edited the recipe. 

I started with a mixture of 2T chopped garlic, 2t salt, 2T Parmesan Cheese. 

Cut slits in top of roast and fill with a teaspoon of the mixture.  I cut 5 slits. 

I had to use my thumb to press it in the slit.  If you have a garlic clove, you can just put a garlic clove in the slit with salt and cheese, but I buy my garlic chopped and in a jar most of the time. 

Pour 12oz of beef broth over the meat.  Since I had less meat, I used 8oz of broth.

Sprinkle with 1t oregano.  Ok, I'll be honest, I didn't measure the oregano because you can never have too much oregano.

Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.  The recipe called for 10-12 hours for the 3-4lb. roast, but with the smaller roast I thought 8 hours would be good.  Looks like 8 hours was too much.  That's why this recipe is so great!  As overcooked as it was, it was full of flavor and tender when shredded.

Remove meat and shred (or slice) and serve on a bun with au juice. 

Although there wasn't a ketchup test... This is another keeper! The boy already ate too much at the picnic that day and was saving room for ice cream.  I can say it was hard to save some for leftovers... I had to edit my Meal Planner for tonight's dinner. 

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