Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today's JAR- just a reminder- Saintly Cooks Serve More Than Great Meals. St. Euphrosynos

Since this is a cooking blog, among many other themes I write on... I thought it only right to share a link from MYSTAGOGY regarding a saintly cook... St. Euphrosynos who is celebrated on September 11. 

It is a story of great humility and grace.  It's weird to be living in a culture where we have to "toot our own horn" to be recognized and honored.  It is the opposite of what Christ wants for us, because He knows how damaging an ego can be to our soul and the souls of those around us. 

Think for a moment, times when someone's ego bruised your soul or harmed you.  Think also of a time when your ego could have hurt someone or belittled a child of God.  Was there a severed relationship?  Was there anger as a result?  Was there jealousy?  These things are not godly.  Jesus didn't say, "Come to me and I will give you bitterness, anger and alienation."  Jesus said, "Come and you will be united, loved and have peace, even in struggle." 

Let us work harder to leave the ways of the world, the ones that say, "look at me!" and cling to the ways of Christ as He teaches through the Gospels and the Holy Traditions of the Orthodox Faith.  I say this to remind you that this world is temporary and as St. Euphrosynos shows us, eternal paradise is waiting for those who are humble and who please God. 

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