Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Timely Bedtime Story: Holy New Martyr Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia

I am very thankful!  Earlier this summer I bought my son various books on lives of saints.  Tonight I read him Holy New Martyr Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia.   We were both tickled to find that her feast day was just two days ago, July 18.  I hadn't realized the timeliness of the book when I started reading it. 

What an amazing story of service and love. 

The weblog Mystagogy has a great post on this martyred saint, including pictures and links to news articles from the New York Times from the early 1900's.   
Orthodox England on the 'net also has her life's story.  I hope you read these two posts for yourself and the book to your children. 
My husband informs me that there is a church dedicated to her in Columbia, SC, just an hour away.  Sounds like a great summer field trip to me! I can't wait!
I was most impressed by her endurance.  She retreated from her status and worldly things when her husband was murdered and put all her resources and time into establishing a monastery, hospital and orphanage.  She worked tirelessly to serve her fellow man.  Unfortunately she was deeply connected to Russian politics, being the sister of the Tsar's wife (and the grand daughter of Queen Victoria)... the story of her martyrdom is startling. 

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