Friday, July 05, 2013

Under the Cover... Can a Good Book Make a Better Reader?

Wish I were a reader.   I hear stories of how people get lost in books, reading hours at a time.  I envy them.   I see a book with a cool cover illustration or a schnazzy title and begin to read but then... Blah.  Blah. Blah. 

I want to be a reader but I rarely find an author with worth reading or a story worth entering.  I think my interests are too narrow. I might already know it all.  (not really)

I want to be a reader so I buy books with really impressive titles on very important things: parenting, spirituality, finances, cooking.  But I only read a few pages of each one because the information is overwhelming.  Some days I wonder how I made it through college...  Oh wait, I barely read then as well. I listened attentive during lectures, took detailed notes and graduated from a design school where homework was tangible and grades were based on mastering God-given talent.   Talent and ambition compensated for my lack of literature. 

I want to be a reader so I sign up for a library card every time I move to a new city. And this time I am determined for my son's sake.  I want him to be a reader so he can learn and think for himself.  I want him to learn that the world is bigger than his 4'10" frame and that there are ideas outside of his buzz clipped head.  

I take my son to the public library regularly to make him familiar with the location and interior hoping that he will be a reader. Although he has a bookshelf full of beautiful books, I let him pick out a book.  He only likes one series, Magic Tree House, and he's read them all.  I'm afraid he is going to be like me.

Today at the library I picked up a few non-fictions: Jump Start to Skinny and Bloggers Boot Camp.  And then, while searching the aisles I found three of the most useful books I could ever read!  Books that tell you what books to read... from actual "readers"!  



They all looked so promising.  I checked them out (literally) to see how it goes.  Who knows?   I don't want to be overly optimistic because, after all, I am a sucker for a well written and illustrated cover.  

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