Monday, July 01, 2013

When Traveling Via AMTRAK the Odds Are in Favor of a Few Surprises.

We recently crossed three states on a trip to southern Florida via AMTRAK.  What a hoot it was, even the preparations for the 3:30 AM departure were enjoyable.  All of us were excited about the trip.
Things that made the trip enjoyable:  There was plenty of leg room, walking room and wiggle room.  Two outlets were available for charging our laptops and phones.  It was a fast-free week, we packed a picnic lunch and walked to the dining car for hot coffee (and hot chocolate) when we were thirsty.  We didn't have to worry about stopping for breaks because each coach car had 2 restrooms. We slept, ate, watched movies and read and didn't have to trouble with maps, traffic, potty breaks or boredom. 
By the time we arrived at our destination, fifteen hours later, we were all still in good spirits.  But what tickled my funny bone was while waiting on the platform for our luggage I looked up at the digital clock hanging a few feet away and saw...
 What are the odds? 
(Besides 12 hours earlier?)
I thought it was very cool that at the moment I looked up the time and the day's date were the same (even a doubled 13 equals 26) and I had less than a minute to take a picture of it.  As I scrambled to open the camera I thought, Life is funny; the minutes go by and life goes on and if we don't stop to look up once in a while we will miss some really neat things.  I really enjoyed the train trip and will gladly do it again.... I mean even after I take the return ride home.  I will gladly plan another vacation via AMTRAK.   Life is funny, like looking up at the clock and seeing the time and the date the same, neat things happen all day long... look up once in a while and explore. 

And yes, like the end of a day on roller coasters at the amusement park or on a boat at the lake, if I close my eyes I can still feel the chair rocking, swaying with the rail ties. 

Bu bump, bu bump, bu bump....

NOTE:  if you are taking a train this summer TAKE A BLANKET!  The temperature in the car is frigid!  I saw passengers wearing sweatshirts and carrying blankets as we were waiting on the platform and thought they were foolish, until we settled in.  As my lips turned blue and we snuggled for warmth I was wishing I had the experience to know I needed a sweatshirt as well.  Luckily I had an old NEMO beach towel I was planning to roll and use as a pillow.  From loving use, it was no thicker than a dish towel but it was better than nothing... and better a cricked neck than frost bite.

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Liz said...

Sounds like fun. Glad you all had a good time. Amtrak has improved, obviously, since I took the train to New York and then St. Vlad's about 30 years ago. Enjoy your trip home! And thanks for the reminder to look up and around... and see what's going on outside my own brain!