Saturday, July 20, 2013

Prayer...It Isn't the Least...

This card features a picture of the stained glass of Assumption Cathedral in Denver, CO.  The colorless sketched glass allows natural light in without discoloring the gorgeous iconography.


What inspired this card?  I was tired of hearing people refer to prayer as the least they can do, as if prayer were a last resort.  "We can't be there so we will pray."  Prayer isn't the least.  It's the first and most important thing. 

There are time that we will need to do things for someone or even ourselves.  It is during those times we should first pray for God's will to be done.  We should pray for discernment, that we do the task correctly.  We should pray for strength do complete the task before us, to finish the job well.  And then we should do what needs to be done.

But there are also times when there is nothing we can do,  when it is out of our control.  We will know someone who has an addiction or is unforgiving; someone with an illness we can't cure. Then we pray for mercy, forgiveness, grace, intercession.

Below is one of my (most) favorite prayers...It is attributed to St. Philaret, of Moscow (1867) who is commemorated on November 19.

O Lord, grant me to greet the coming day in peace. Help me in all things to rely upon Your holy will. In every hour of the day reveal Your will to me. Bless my dealings with all who surround me. Teach me to treat all that comes to me throughout the day with peace of soul, and with the firm conviction that Your will governs all. In all my deeds and words guide my thoughts and feelings. In unforseen events let me not forget that all are sent by You. Teach me to act firmly and wisely, without embittering or embarrassing others. Give me strength to bear the fatigue of this coming day with all that it will bring. Direct my will, teach me to pray, pray You Yourself in me. Amen. -


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