Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meal Plan Memories

It's another fasting period for the Orthodox Christians and another 40 days of preparation.  And although the fast is less strict than the fast for Great Lent, it's harder and more tempting because of the holiday baking and Christmas parties.  The church hierarchs have offered economia, leniency, on Thanksgiving day so that we can celebrate the national holiday of giving thanks according to the American traditions of turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes; but then better freeze the leftovers.  :)   It's just a one day pardon. 

I am a bit behind schedule... I haven't had time to post any new Lenten recipes.  I hope this meal plan from August can hold you over until I get my schedule in order.

Good Strength!  And many blessings. 


Liz said...

Very important question: Are PEEPS allowed during the Christmas and Lenten fasts, as well as other fasts?

Vassi said...

:) It's up to you and how much you like them. :)