Thursday, November 14, 2013

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Remember the cigarette ads in the 70's for Virginia Slims?  It showed a 1900's woman in a corseted dress and tight pointy shoes sneaking away to smoke a cigarette or oppressed because of her gender. They illustrated that women are no longer lower class citizens but can boldly stand strong in public and take a long hard drag off a cigarette. I've seen enough of those ads that I can't even say "You've come a long way, Baby." without the imagery. 

But lately I've realized that I have come a long way...

If you were to ask me how long I've been blogging, I'd have told you that I've only been blogging recipes for a few months now.  That's what it seems like.  But when I looked back at my statistics I found that I've been posting recipes and tidbits since January 24, 2013 - ten months!  I've posted 153 times and have over 10,000 all time pageviews.  And yes, I AM a little proud of myself.  I kind of feel like a real blogger. 

Thank you for coming to my blog.  Please continue to let me know if you've tried a recipe and if it was as you expected.  And please leave a comment if you share a link. 

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