Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Remember When it Used to Snow?

I am feeling a bit nostalgic for snow today after seeing so many facebook posts on this morning's flurries in the north eastern states.  I imagine it will be a long time before I see snow again.  At least I hope so.  I am no longer prepared for cold weather.  I no longer have a Colorado winter- worthy coat or a hat to keep my ears warm.  We no longer need those things now that we are in South Carolina. 
Which has lead my mind to wander a bit on the idea of living in the present.  If you are wondering how that happened... this will take longer to read than the process actually occurred... but here goes:  I love living in the South.  I can't believe that I am finally used to the idea that I probably won't see snow but a few more times for the rest of my life.  Why am I thinking of the rest of my life?  Live in today.  Orthodoxy is all about living in today with our mind focused on Paradise.  Kids live in today, as if that's all there is.  That's why they freak out all the time- because they can't imagine that in a few days their troubles will be resolved or disappear.  Adults live in tomorrow, making sure everything is taken care of so they don't have troubles and some times forget to live in the moment, missing wonderful opportunities.  I wonder if "living in the moment" is one of the many ways we are to be like children.  "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven"  Matthew 18:3 (I had to look up the exact verse.)  Yeah, that's it!  Become "like" children but be an adult about it... Live in the moment but remember that tomorrow is another day and you have responsibilities.  Stop distracting yourself with how much or little snow you will ever see again and get back to your blog post.  You have a pile of stuff waiting to finish and dinnertime is coming. 

Whew!  So yes, somehow I  turned the topic of snow into a theological monologue in my head about Matthew 18.

So, while you are out, muttering about the windshields that need to be cleaned before you leave.  I hope that you remember to stop for a moment and say, "Thank you, Lord.   I had almost forgotten to enjoy the moment I was in and I was about to miss it." 


Here are the pictures I was going to post, my first V's Cardbox photos from 2003. We no longer produce them but I go to them when I feel nostalgic for early snow. 



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