Sunday, November 03, 2013

Community Pig Pickin'

Today our parish hosted a community Pig Pickin'.  It has been an annual event for 4 years now and it's always a blast.  Someone brings a smoked pig, shreds it up in the skin, and drenches it in sauce.   And then we take tongs and forks and pick pieces for our plates.  It's awesome!


Appropriate side dishes include, but are not limited to, sweet potato casserole, coleslaw, chicken bog*, red gravy (not sure what it is but it sure tastes good.) and a strawberry shortcake or apple cobbler.  It's the kind a meal that will make any Yankee talk a little sweeter and move a little slower. 

*I'll have to post on chicken bog another day because the recipe is worth sharing.  Basically it's chicken and rice with polish sausage pieces.  It's seasoned with bay leaf and black pepper. 

We ended with a bonfire (you might notice it in the picture above) to warm our Southern-ized blood (it was 50 degrees) and roasted marshmallows. 

What makes this evening wonderful is that it's a true community event.  It's not a fund raiser.  It's not hosted by a specific organization. It's just pure fun and fellowship.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible! 

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