Thursday, April 04, 2013

I've Been Working Too Hard.

My poor Kitchen Aid blender took one for the team. It seems my days of Taramasalata and Smoothies are on hold for a while as I busted my blender's blade. The bottom spins but the top doesn't. :(

Hoping to find a new part and not a whole new blender.


Model #4176524 has been discontinued.  :(


UPDATE: 4/10/13
I bought a new (different) blender on sale.  It's great for smoothies but it doesn't work for taramasalata.  The jar is deep and the blade is high and I can't whip the roe until I add all the other ingredients and I like to whip the roe in warm water first.  So "yeah" smoothies, "boo" Tarama.
UPDATE: 4/21/13
I called the replacement part people and this part has been discontinued.  So my wonderful blender (a wedding gift 13 years ago) is useless to me until I hunt one down online. 
And yes, I already checked amazon and ebay. 

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